BIO.Design swimming pool: all about technology

Finally you can get something different
  • Total customization
    Experience true luxury with tailor-made pool. Meticulously crafted to your preferences, it adds value to your property.
  • Ecofriendly building technology
    Minimal environmental impact adds value to the product. The technology is recognised as the most sustainable.
  • The best swimming experience
    Bathing areas, beaches, seats and underwater walkways sculpted from natural stone provide the best bathing experience.
  • Certified structural solidity
    Our innovative technology was purposefully developed to overcome the limitations of traditional swimming pool construction methods.
  • Reduces installation times
    Through materials in the technology, a significant reduction in installation time is achieved compared to traditional methods.
  • International patent protection
    Protects you from counterfeits. And also enables us to be confident in the product and give a 10-year guarantee to clients.

The secret: 300% flexible waterproofing

bio design swimming pool during winter
In winter, the pool becomes a real decoration for your backyard
Final coating with MICROBAN™
Consolidation net
Protective geotextile
Waterproofing liner
Structural coating with extra net